Adam Shaw

I'm Back to Save the Universe, 2023
Oil on Canvas
60 x 60 x 3 in
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Notes on my painting “I’m Back to Save the Universe”

One of the things that fascinates and preoccupies me is

the relationship between all things, especially things that don’t at first seem related. If for no other reason -but there are other reasons- they are related through us because each of our minds is like a factory and everything that we know and much that we don’t passes through us. So each of us is a crucible, an incubating ground. I try to capture some aspect of that.

In this painting, I made a list of some of the influences that went into making it, and you can see it in the lower left portion: Radiohead, Bodhidharma, Schrodinger, Blake, Bohm and so on.

The fundamental visual motif is the relationship or connection between red blood cells and flowers and black holes, with text and equations. The title comes from a lyric by Thom Yorke, from Radiohead.



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